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Campgrounds and natural campgrounds

Campgrounds and natural campgrounds

Camping at the farm, cabins, holidays out in the open !

The 'Gîtes de France' campsites and cabins now have a new name : 'Pré Vert'(green field).
Depending on the region you can choose between small sites, usually on a farm, and bigger sites offering activities and leisure facilities, where mobile homes and cottages are situated into a quality environment.

At the nearby farm you can discover the flavours of local farm products.

You can enjoy the leisure facilities provided by the owner and the pleasures that nature brings in a convivial atmosphere.

The “Gîtes de France”quality label guarantees precise quality standards (1,2,3,and 4 epis) regularly verified by means of a ranking and a national charter.

All campsites are rated according to their setting, their conveniences and their facilities, and they are reclassified at least once every 5 years.

They are always situated on grasslands, shady, well exposed, and accessible in any season. They offer you a private space as the number of sites is limited and every camper has a very large site (of 300 to 400 m² per site).

The farm campsites and Aires Naturelles (Natural campsitess) must be situated in the immediate vicinity of the owner’s house, free from noise, on shady, well exposed grassland, with at least one sanitary block.

Farm campsites :
They have 6 sites maximum, each site with a minimum surface of 300 m². Contact the owners for bookings and availability.

Aires Naturelles (Natural campsitess)
They have 5 to 7 sites, each site with a minimum surface of 400 m². Contact the owners for bookings and availability.

Classified campsites

The “traditional” campsites comprise a maximum of 150 sites from 80 to 100 m² each, with activities and entertainment facilities to make your stay enjoyable for the whole family.

They have 1 to 4 stars (rated by the prefecture) depending on the nature and the number of amenities they offer. Some campsites have cabins or mobile homes for rent.

Leisure chalet

The “Leisure chalet” is a simple storey holiday cabin situated in the country, on a green campsite. Available for 3 to 6 persons, well-equipped : living and kitchen area, bedrooms and bathroom.

What does the Pré vert label stand for?

This is the Gîtes de France “Campsite” label. Gîtes de France uses the name Pré Vert in order to develop its offer regarding camping and other outdoor accommodation.

With the name of Pré Vert you will recognize the philosophy that the Gîtes de France network has been based upon from the beginning. As a matter of fact, the Pré Vert accommodation formula operating under this name has to respect the following two characteristics :

A guaranteed high quality customer service by a person clearly identified as the host, ensuring a special relationship between the owner or his representative and the client ; a rural, quality setting in which the “Pré Vert” product is reflected.

Campsites in the Hautes-Alpes

Area natural no.5054 ORCIERES - Hautes-Alpes - La Casse Camping and cottage
1 Epi


25 sites

100 persons

Animals allowed (fee)

Wooden cabin RIBEYRET - Hautes-Alpes - Terre des Baronnies Wooden cabin

Countries Of The Buech

5 sites

10 persons

Animals not allowed

Area natural no.1120 ST-PIERRE-D'ARGENCON - Hautes-Alpes - La Source Camping and cottage
2 Epis

Countries Of The Buech

25 sites

100 persons

Animals allowed (fee)