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Serre-Ponçon lake - Durance

Lake Serre-Ponçon – Durance

The Durance river is more than a river, it is a natural force. From its source at 2300 m altitude, in Montgenèvre, it flows for 302 km before ending in the Rhone river. Controlled by man over the years, in particular the construction of the Serre-Ponçon Dam, it is nowadays the vital artery for the department.

Its hydroelectric production it is a worthwhile economical asset, not only because of its irrigation system for agriculturural ends, such as the orchards, but the whitewater rivers and the lake also create an undeniable tourist attraction.

The beaches in Embrun, Crots, Savines-le-Lac, Chorges and Le Rousset, the unspoilt creeks, 80 km of shoreline and the surroundings explain Serre-Ponçon’s surname “sea in the mountains”.

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