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Parc du Queyras : an authentic art of living

Parc du Queyras : an authentic way of life

From Guillestre you arrive in the Queyras by taking the famous route des gorges du Guil.
The Queyras, protected by its mountains, once enclosed but never isolated, has been able to develop an original history. The harshness of mountain life has made it into a region of solidarity where double the amount of ingenuity was needed in order to live there. Woodwork, once necessary, is still a tradition but also an art: the furniture is adorned with beautiful rosettes, and the wooden toys represent the animals of the region. The beauty of the villages and the mountain pastures is enhanced by a unique light.
The Queyras Naturel Regional Park plays an important role in the protection of an extremely rich but fragile heritage ; fauna, flora as well as architectural and culinary heritage.
The Queyras blends nature, art and tradition, from the Ceillac plateau with its houses with archways, to the Château-Queyras fort or the sundials in Molines.
They say that in Saint Véran, Europe’s highest mountain village, the roosters pick at the stars !