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Occitan culture gîtes

The owner speaks Occitan (or Provencal, Alpin or “patois”) or is passionate about the cultural linguistic
heritage of the language. He is committed to promoting this regional language to his customers : either by
speaking it or by providing specific documentation, explaining about the origins of places and passing on
oral folktales and music... 

Lo proprietari, locutor de lenga d'òc (occitan, provençau, "patoès"...) o apassionat de patrimòni culturau linguistic, s'engaja de faire conoisser a sa pratica la lenga regionala.

Dins los auberjaments, podretz trobar d'entresenhas sus lo biais de dire, la toponimia, las òbras escrichas, l'oralitat. Vòstre òste podra mai vos faire coneisser las richessas de las produccions musicalas o literarias regionalas en lenga d'òc.
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