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facing the environmental concerns of a growing number of RK; improving the profitability of the buildings, especially regarding energy, water and maintenance expenditure,

A pragmatic qualification procedure

The Environmental Qualification attempts to raise the overall environmental quality of the accommodation in the rural tourism industry, taking into account the priorities and constraints of the project leaders and the owners.
For all criteria the accommodation has to fulfil a certain number of requirements, with a minimum threshold (eliminatory) under which qualification is not possible (e.g. air conditioning, electric joule heating etc).

Panda Gîtes

They are houses built in conservation areas, usually Natural Regional Parks or National Parks with WWF accreditation under certain conditions.
There are three conditions: being situated in a high quality natural environment, providing equipment for nature observation and specific background information, and being managed by environmentally responsible owners. These accommodations have nature runs (for hiking and observation) for guests only, or are nearby nature observation posts in walking distance. In the teaching kit you will find identification guides for identifying local wildlife, information on protected species, binoculars, maps and topographic guides, and a survey of local natural conservation sites.

Les locations labellisées Ecogîte

3 Epis


3 rooms

6 persons

Animals allowed (no charge)

From 550/week
3 Epis


1 room

3 persons

Animals allowed (no charge)

From 350/week

Les locations labellisées Panda

Bed & Breakfast no.8750 RISTOLAS - Hautes-Alpes - La Barma Bed and Breakfast
2 Epis


3 rooms

6 persons

Animals not allowed

From 68/night(based on 2 guests)
2 Epis


2 rooms

4 persons

Animals allowed (no charge)

From 220/week