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Briançon - Mont Dauphin a UNESCO world heritage site

Briançon- Mont-Dauphin , a UNESCO World Heritage Site

As the King’s engineer, at the age of 34, he became responsible for the supervision of the fortifications of the kingdom. In that capacity he designed and renovated 160 fortresses, three of which are to be found in the Hautes-Alpes : Château-Queyras, Mont-Dauphin and Briançon. These last two are listed as UNESCO World heritage sites.

Due to the difficult building site in Briançon, Vauban had to change his working methods completely.He designed staggered vertical city defences and recommended the realisation of a string of fortifications to reinforce the city defense.

The construction on a plateau in Mont-Dauphin allowed for a stronghold from scratch, nowadays remarkably well preserved.

When visiting these major sites one will understand a part of Vauban’s genius, particularly spectacular in this mountain area. It is also an opportunity to discover two particularly fine and lively cities: Briançon and Mont-Dauphin.

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